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How To Find the Right 电竞竞猜软件下载 Partner to Make Sure Shipments Get Out Quickly

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September 15, 2022 John Wie

This article will check out where the growing demand for fast shipment is coming from, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how businesses can best find a 电竞竞猜软件下载 partner with the right attributes to help reach shipment goals where Amazon and Wal-Mart have carved out high expectations. 

Are you feeling the pressure from your customers to ship your items faster? If so, you are not alone. Shipping expectations from customers have never been higher for sellers where same day and two day shipping have become the norm, even amidst the global pandemic that has brought on big logistical challenges to getting these parcels out to the appropriate people. Because of this, it is important to figure out, well ahead of time, a game plan for working with the right logistics partner as well as the tool sets that you should be on the lookout for. 

To best understand why these fast shipment expectations have come to fruition, we need to look to none other than two of the biggest forces affecting the world today – Amazon and the COVID-19 pandemic. Expectations for faster shipment options have never been higher thanks to one-to-two day and same-day shipping prioritization from companies like Amazon. A report from Blue Yonder and Reuters Events Supply Chain titled, “The State of Supply Chain Execution Report 2021”, found that online sales have not only increased over 120% over the last year but also increased disruptions according to a majority of those surveyed. 

In addition, a Walker Sands study found that 41% of US consumers receive at least one Amazon package per week and 56% of customers expect same-day delivery. Even with the rise of better than ever shipment options, only 15% of consumers were happy with their shipping speed. Taking this information all together, you can see how customers have not only come to expect fast shipments thanks to platforms like Amazon and Wal-Mart that offer same-day shipping but also an increased expectation and demand. 

Businesses then have to be mindful of strategies to try and make sure they are keeping up with this competition. How do you then best prepare for the high amount of demand in shipping? The right 电竞竞猜软件下载 house will have three important feature sets that will help you meet your shipment goals and give you the right advice. One is that your 电竞竞猜软件下载 partner uses a warehouse management system, the 3PL Central system with API, cloud-based warehouse management software. A great shipment software platform should be efficient with a high rate of orders being properly processed and tracked. 

The second is a 电竞竞猜软件下载 house that can prove they have good relationships with its shipping partners. The importance of this is that not only does your 电竞竞猜软件下载 partner have the right technology to help you map out your strategy but also get you the best contacts and routes that only comes through a team developing long-standing relationships. With the rise of same-day shipments, knowledge about last-mile transportation providers have been integral with local fleets and smart workflow strategies as well as up-to-date pricing with companies like UPS and FedEx. 

Finally, you want to make sure that there is an ongoing customer service network with your 电竞竞猜软件下载 partner. There should be a dedicated account representative that should be assigned to you once you start your partnership with a 电竞竞猜软件下载 warehouse. This representative allows you to make sure you are not just talking to a chatbot or waiting forever in an email inbox of an outsourced company. Instead, you are talking to someone who is experienced and has both the technical knowledge to utilize the 3PL Central system and seamlessly integrate you to the system.  

TRG 电竞竞猜软件下载 has all of these attributes with over 20 years of experience, using 3PL, long-term relationships with shipping partners with a 99.8% success rate of orders being properly processed, and expert knowledge that will help you get the leg up in your shipping competition. If you want to learn more about how TRG 电竞竞猜软件下载 can help you meet your shipping goals, make sure to contact us by clicking here .

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