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If anyone understands the intricacies of fulfilling fashion & apparel orders, it’s TRG 电竞竞猜软件下载 . We have been at the heart of the fashion industry for over 20 years. We are here to help you and keep your customers happy!

Apparel and Fashion

Shipping and 电竞竞猜软件下载 with style

Fashion trends are always changing. Order 电竞竞猜软件下载 needs to remain consistent and reliable. That’s where we come in. Clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories come in multiple sizes, colors, and varieties creating a vast number of SKUs. With our experience, we know we won’t be overwhelmed.

We have solutions that guarantee quick, accurate delivery to give you an edge over the competition. When you trust us to handle your fashion and apparel 电竞竞猜软件下载 , you can spend more time on what you do best – create and sell unique products to your customers.

What we offer:

Provide a secure warehouse environment

Adhere to rigid retail routing guidelines

Manage quality inspections of product

Provide tagging and bagging

Manage seasonal reset of inventory

Manage seasonal spikes of order activity

Same day or next day shipping

Handle returns

How we do it:

Technology Tools

We are dedicated to customized retail 电竞竞猜软件下载 solutions. That means employing a state-of-the-art suite of digital tools, starting with 3PL Central WMS technology to manage the complexities of your supply chain with turnkey ease and efficiency. If needed, we can also integrate with retailer systems, handle EDI order solutions, and call on a robust database that includes all retailer requirements.

Warehousing and Inventory Control

We take care of all the product tracking, storing, and data needs you may have for your lines. 3PL Central Cloud-based technology delivers moment-by-moment monitoring and tracking of your inventory levels, sales levels, and 电竞竞猜软件下载 orders, all the way through to delivery. We’ll integrate and coordinate eCommerce systems, including inventory systems, customer management, data management, and sales tracking.

Order 电竞竞猜软件下载

It’s crucial that your orders are accurate, on-time, and accomplished without a hitch. That’s why we offer accurate and digitally-trackable order 电竞竞猜软件下载 . By assigning barcodes to products for careful tracking and organizing, we monitor inventory and 电竞竞猜软件下载 scrupulously, making sure all numbers and data are accurate. Plus, we’re a Los Angeles 电竞竞猜软件下载 Warehouse & Logistics Center with nationwide and international distribution capabilities.

Freight Management

Getting your products delivered with reliability and accuracy are exactly why we use the best, most reliable freight services, and track your products with expert attention, making sure your orders are shipped accurately and affordably.

Retail Chain Shipping

Through our retail chain shipping capabilities, TRG 电竞竞猜软件下载 is able to make sure the supply chain works smoothly with a minimum amount of hiccups. Our proficiency in getting products to retail is how we’re able to keep shipping costs down and meet every one of your targets for getting your items to market.

Experienced Dedicated Staff

Our people are trained and experienced with many being long-term employees. Your product line is treated with the utmost care to avoid any manner of mishandling. With a company culture of teamwork and integrity, you have the best people on your team.

In the fast-paced world of direct-to-consumer fashion and apparel, you want a partner you can trust to deliver the goods with care and accuracy every time. With TRG on your team, you and your customers will be looking your best!

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